The complete software solution for your entire seed business.

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SeedWare is THE software solution built specifically for the day-to-day needs of a seed company. SeedWare is a web-based platform offering industry-specific applications for Supply Management, Orders and Shipping along with many other essential components to manage your seed business.


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  1. Supply Management

    Production tools starting with the contract then bagging, conditioning, blending, rebagging and physical inventory management.

  2. Analysis widgets and reports available to help with your bagging plans and warehousing needs.

  3. Quality controls that are customizable to the specific testing needs of your company.

  4. Availability based on your live on-going supply changes, allowing the company to react to in-season demand changes.

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  1. Ordering

    Live ordering system based on real-time supply availability and allocations.

  2. Analysis widgets and reports available to help with your bagging plans and warehousing needs.

  3. Order invoices can be generated out in the field by your sales staff with accurate pricing, programs, and discounts.

  4. Customizable billing features allow you to create invoices for the grower, dealer and/or liable billing party.

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  1. Shipping

    We have various shipment types in SeedWare including outbound warehouse shipments, field level shipments from dealer to customer or dealer to dealer, returns, dumps and wholesale shipments.

  2. SeedWare’s shipping analysis features allow your shipping coordinators to view what seed can be shipped and to whom.

  3. The shipment creation process is based on live inventory and order data so that you always have accurate information when picking loads.

  4. Shipment and the scheduling of trucks can be managed through our Shipment Scheduling Widget.

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  1. Other Essential Components

    • Reporting

    • Financials

    • Harvest Data - Research

    • Marketing Tools – Tech Sheets

    • API Services and B2B Processes

Empower Your Sales Force

The SeedWare Sales platform, available to your sales force, is accessible from any device with a web browser. Empower your users to manage customers, check product availability, place orders, handle shipments, collect signatures, track inventory, and generate reports and invoices.

Sales users become self-sufficient with all the information they need at their fingertips, lowering call volume, data entry, and mailings from the office. A win-win for everyone.