SeedWare is an independently owned software company founded by Josh Lapp and Dave Striegel in 2001. Just as the seed industry has changed dramatically over the years, our software has evolved to keep up with the demands of the industry.

Our core team has decades of experience working in various roles for numerous seed companies and we lean on that experience to continue to improve our software platform.

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We’re IPSA and ASTA members currently working with a wide variety of seed companies ranging from Fortune 500 companies to independently owned businesses. Our product is offered as a Software As A Service (SAAS).

SeedWare is 100% web based and we provide the server hosting services for SeedWare as well. The process to get started with SeedWare is very turnkey and we can have your company ready to operate as soon as you’re ready. Our SAAS agreement is very flexible and you can cancel the service at any time.

If you are looking for software to streamline your day-to-day seed business operations, we would enjoy the opportunity to show you SeedWare in detail. We are always excited to collaborate with companies in our industry to see if we can offer a product to improve their seed business management operations. Please click the “Schedule a Demo” button if you’d like to get together online to see what SeedWare can do for you.

Our Team


Josh Lapp


Dave Striegel

Account Manager

Tom Curry

Account Manager

Andy Myers


Eric Eden


Paul Ter